Five girls, three robots, one grumpy yet strangely attractive alien and a ship that’s falling apart. what could go wrong?

Petra has her own ship and her chosen crew: Peach, her best friend and former merc, Pumpkin, brilliant mechanic with a dirty mind, and Elizabeth, the high strung medic.  There’s not a lot to go around, but at least the ship is home!  Or at least it is so long as it doesn’t fall completely apart.  To help with that the crew pick up Tumi, a foundling with a violent past and Grey a strange ancient alien who’s got looks for days and a really short temper.  To add to the problems of keeping food on the table, the Vox, a powerful mysterious alien civilization, has taken a particular interest in the crew and their fate.

Now Petra and the crew of the Wild Child are trying to keep themselves together, alive, and the ship in one piece while they try to figure out why the hell the Vox keep turning up???


How I use AI in my work: