I am on hiatus with new pages while I work on the next chapter, so in liu of content here’s some other content?

This is the first drawing I did of Shy about ten years ago.  I think I stayed true to the feel when I re-designed him.  I am a much better 3d artist than 2d artist, so when I started working on this again I decided to do as much as I could in 3d.  So everyone got new maquettes and mock-ups.  I’ve also included some of the early drawings of Sin and Lt.  Lt was never meant to keep that as a name but it just stuck- unlike his armor design which I keep changing.  I just can’t seem to find something I like and can also draw in a reasonable amount of time.  Anyway, enjoy!


Shy ShyArmor ShyHead Sin&Lt SinSketch SinXLt2 Vox