And we’re back!  I hope!  I had to install Comic Easel because my old version of Comic Press wasn’t working at all.  That meant I had to re-upload all the comics and I lost all you guy’s comments on the pages they went with.   ;3;//

that makes me super super sad because you guys’ comments means a lot to me.  I know I’m not great at replying, but i do a stupid little happy dance whenever anyone comments.

Anyway, if anyone wants to back to the beginning and read all the comics and tell me if I’ve got any errors, I’d appreciate it a bunch!  I’m going to try and set aside some time to do that later this weekend, but as is I burned most of my saturday trying to fix this.  *sobsob*

Also, I had an accident cutting up vegetables and now i’ve got a big bandage on my thumb- so if i have  a bunch of typos, please bear with me.  It’s hard to type.