Welcome to everyone who followed here from Unsounded!  I really appreciate you coming and giving my comic a chance. 😀  I hope you enjoy it.

I just feel bad that you’ve come right when I’m having to slow down to juggle portfolio work!  I work a full time job as a video game artist as well as running a side business of making ball-jointed dolls.  At the moment, I’m also trying to get a new job, so I’m really focusing on my portfolio right now and I’ll be taking a three week break at the end of september to take an important class.

And hey, if anyone wants to write or draw a guest story while I’m gone those three weeks I will happily put that up! even if it’s just a fan art doodle!  I really need to go ask the awesome people i’ve gotten fanart from to make sure it’s okay to put up their fanart.  @D@;;

Hopefully it won’t take me as long as putting up a new banner(thanks to everyone who kept reminding me), but that was partly because my FTP program exploded and I couldn’t figure out where comicpress was putting shit. :S